Starting conversations, raising awareness, removing shame and stigma and empowering students with resilience and strategies to help both themselves and their friends in times of need.  It is time to see a shift in the statistics of our Nation. 

Length of Program

Eight-week program consisting of 8x 50-minute sessions, this can be adjusted slightly to fit with your lesson timetabling.

Ideal for Years

7 – 12, ideally groups of no more than 50 students due to the nature of discussions and activities that form the program.


1. Purchase the program for your school with our Facilitator training and run it as many times as you like
2. Book Louder Seminars to come and run the program for you


The Shift Program looks at prevalent topics facing teenagers today, including; addiction, anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, purpose, friendship, reducing social isolation, hope and living others focussed. The aim of the sessions is to raise awareness about these important issues; talking through how we can be purveyors of hope, and then empowering the students to go and do something in their sphere of influence.

We realise that often students are incapable of creating change because they don’t understand what they are doing or why they do what they do, they often lack the knowledge or skills to do something different. Through this program we want to help students create new habits, and teach them the new skills required to create change.

In the Mission Australia 2014 Youth Survey it was reported that 87.7% of students go to their friends for help in times of need1, over and above going to parents, counsellors or helplines. We have identified the need to educate young people on how to help their friends, to encourage them that they can be a voice of hope in times of turmoil. In the Mission Australia 2015 Youth Survey, stress was the top concern of young people today2, our program aims to help students deal with stress and to learn to talk about the things concerning them.

We are convinced that this generation not only wants to make a difference, but also can make a difference. The Shift Program is designed to help them do just this. Within each session we want to:


Each session includes self-care tips along with key points on how to help others, using a simple and repetitive method to get the message to stick!

We want to inspire these students to lead the way in their generation by being the change that they want to see, to help them believe that we can see a shift in the statistics that currently exist.

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