The standout feature of Louder’s school seminars is that they are written with the flexibility to be adapted to any age group (minimum Year 5) and to either a one-hour seminar, or a half-day workshop. Regardless of whether you would like your Year 6’s to hear these topics or your Year 12’s or a few grades all at once, Jodie will present material that is relevant to the age of the students and in the time frame that you choose. All of the seminars are flexible so please contact us to chat about your needs, and we will aim to work in with what suits your school best.

1. The one-hour seminar

One-hour seminars can be presented to any size group and any age group. The seminars are full of quotes, media and helpful information that will inspire, challenge and encourage your students. You will also be provided with discussion-based material that can then be worked through in care groups or class time if you so choose.

An add-on option to the one-hour seminar is that Jodie then continues to conduct workshops with various year levels; giving students the opportunity to ask questions and interact with one another around the topic addressed.

2. The half-day workshop

The half-day workshop can be presented to a maximum of 50 students and it generally works best if these students are around a similar age/year level. This workshop is highly interactive and includes breakout groups for discussion and action. The half-day workshop schedule is as follows:

Session one – 40 minutes
Breakout group – 15 minutes
Break – 10 minutes
Session two – 40 minutes
Breakout group – 15 minutes
Close – 10 minutes

Seminar Topics

1. Choose life

Your choices determine your destiny!

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2. Deal with it

Standing strong in sinking sand

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3. You're worth it

Where to look in a look obsessed world

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4. Did you say something?

Communicating in a social media savvy world

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