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There is a lot of talk these days about resilience and especially helping students to be resilient when facing all that life throws at them.  Webster’s dictionary defines resilience as:

The act of springing back, rebounding, or resiling
The power or inherent property of returning to the form from which a substance is bent, stretched, compressed, or twisted
The power or ability to recover quickly from a setback, depression, illness, overwork or other adversity

Whilst we agree that there is great power and positivity about being a resilient person, in fact a couple of our Seminars delve into the importance of resilience, we also like to challenge the thought of simply “springing back” or “returning to the original form” and even at times the idea of “recovering quickly”.  We like to challenge these thoughts due to the fact that we think the power lies in the growth that can be obtained from the circumstances that life throws at us, not just returning to how we were before this situation loomed.

From the ‘less complex’ (although all-consuming for the ones involved) friendship issues to the more intense bullying situation, from the family circumstances that arise, to the individuals dealing with anxiety and depression that robs them of the life they should be enjoying to the full; each of these issues, no matter how simple or complex,  can, and should, change us as a person.  When we are given the right keys, the right strategies and help, the right support, everything that we face in this life should help us become a better human.  And yes, the choice is ultimately up to each individual about what their life turns out looking like regardless of what comes their way.

Today we salute you as School staff, working to not only educate these young minds, but also to help them become stronger and kinder people occupying the planet!  We know it’s not easy; your job is intense, busy, frustrating, rewarding but it is oh-so vitally important!

In a world where bad news is so readily at our fingertips and fear so easily grips our hearts, let’s continue to help train these students (and ourselves!) to stand strong even when it feels like they’re in sinking sand, to face each circumstance that comes their way with boldness, overcoming and growing through it, and to every day be kinder than they were the day before.

Here’s to resilience AND growth!

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