Here's to strong women, may we KNOW them, may we RAISE them, may we BE them.
- Unknown

SEMINAR SUITS: Year 5 through to Year 12 – Girls only
(Seminar material discussed will be adjusted to suit age level of girls)
SEMINAR FORMAT: 1.5 hour Seminar or 2.5 hour Workshop

In this seminar we challenge the status quo (the mess we’re in) when it comes to living life as a girl!  The media and our world in general has a lot to answer to when it comes to how they portray and treat women.  Unfortunately we have a generation of young girls growing up with low self-esteem, completely insecure about who they are, battling eating disorders and mental illnesses, competing with each other to ‘get ahead’ and allowing others to treat them as far less than their true worth deserves.

Louder Seminars is getting a whole lot louder with this one!

Different and dangerous… different enough to rise above the rubbish that’s out there, different enough to believe an alternative narrative about who they truly are, different enough to challenge the ‘normality’ of how everyone else thinks and behaves.  Girls like this are dangerous – dangerous enough to actually change the world they live in!

These are the girls that we see hidden under all the insecurity and lies, and if you’ll let us, we would like to come and teach your girls about who they really are.

This seminar looks at three keys:

  • Being BOLD – having a fierce mind to tackle the challenges that come our way and to unearth the goodness within
  • Being BRAVE – having a brave spirit to really rise and be who you are
  • Being BEAUTIFUL – having a kind heart, discovering true humility, confidence and strength

We delve into really practical and relevant topics such as social media use and comparison, our thought life and how it affects us, what we’re saying about ourselves and others in our world, decision making and taking the pressure off.  We touch on topics such as body image, self-esteem, domestic violence and how we should be treated, mental health and suicide, in the aim to equip the girls with the capacity to deal with the issues that life can often bring their way.

Contact us today so that we can partner with you, to inspire and empower your girls!