The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.
- Joseph Priestley

SEMINAR SUITS: Year 5 through to Year 12
SEMINAR FORMAT: One-hour (add-on workshops available) or Half-day Workshop

Communicating in a social media savvy world. In a society where 95% of all teens aged 12-17 are online it is vital to give them tips and strategies to navigate the online world well[1]. This generation are connected 24/7 yet are often poor communicators. In this seminar we addresses the power of social media but also teach students to beware of the traps, we also cover the importance of real friendships, not just those online and the truth that you are worth more than the amount of likes you get, along with the fact that pictures say a thousand words, challenging students about what their pictures say about them. This seminar is a must for every age group!

Ideas covered:

  • Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
  • The power of communication and relationship
  • Your relationships build your world
  • Communicating in this generation
  • Text message protocol
  • Having a real conversation
  • Building friendships that last
  • Communicating via pictures
  • Value and worth vs your social media presence
  • Social media protocol

(Touches on NSW PDHPE skill ‘Communication’ as well as ACPPS094ACPPS089ACPPS074ACPPS075ACPPS057ACPPS053)