Happiness is not the absence of problems,
it's the ability to deal with them.
- Steve Maraboli

SEMINAR SUITS: Year 5 through to Year 12
SEMINAR FORMAT: One-hour (add-on workshops available) or Half-day Workshop

Standing strong in sinking sand. This seminar addresses life and it’s difficulties and helps students to identify the difference between hard circumstances or stress, and more serious issues such as depression and anxiety. Students will learn what some key indicators are of serious mental health issues, how to take their thoughts captive and re-train their brain.  They’ll also learn what signs to look for in themselves and their friends and a simple process to help their friends who are struggling. This seminar will empower your students to bring hope to others and also to build resilience in their own life.

Ideas covered:

  • Developing the ability to manage challenging circumstances
  • The influence of emotional responses on behaviour and relationships
  • The power of our thoughts
  • Physical, mental and emotional health
  • Stress vs sickness
  • Keys to identify what’s really going on, problem solving tips
  • Resilience through the tough times
  • SALT method to help others
  • Encouragement to care for and take an interest in others
  • Resources that can help moving forward

(Touches on NSW PDHPE Curriculum Strand 1, 3 and 4, as well as ACPPS072ACPPS093ACPPS074ACPPS094)