Jodie is energetic and full of life, she will bring something unique to your School and your students will love her!

Louder presents seminars in Primary and High Schools all across Australia with their key focus to empower students to hear the hope and purpose-full messages louder than every other voice in their world.  We understand that there are a thousand voices competing for their attention every single day and our seminars aim to train students to think positively, learning to ensure that their inner voice is full of life and is the loudest voice!

Jodie Christinat, founder and keynote speaker for Louder Seminars, is a dynamic communicator with the ability to connect straight to the heart of every person she speaks to.

Jodie has worked with young people for the past fifteen years and is passionate about sharing a message with them that impacts and encourages them to stand strong and live life well. She still remembers that awkward phase of pre-teen and teenage life and during her time working with youth has gained a great deal of insight into the ‘world of young people’, giving her the authority and ability to speak with confidence to a room full of them and also to help educate parents on how to raise teens whilst maintaining a great relationship.

Jodie thoroughly enjoys public speaking, and participated in public speaking competitions right from a young age. She is adept at engaging crowds of all sizes and people of all ages, it has been said that she speaks to a crowd of five with the same passion as a crowd of a thousand!

Jodie’s goal through Louder Seminars is to inspire and empower a generation, giving them practical keys to help them navigate the tough times of life, coming out stronger and more resilient with greater skills, abilities and tenacity to live a good life. The seminars are relevant and practical, give students’ food for thought and empower them to action both during and after the session.

We are confident that your students will love Louder Seminars, we encourage you to book or make an enquiry today!

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Jodie has helped me through a lot over the years I have known her, she is very passionate about working with teens. She was always able to say the right things when I was going through a lot, because of her I have become a stronger person in myself and when I am older I want to work with teens all around Australia because of the impact she has had in my life, it always seems that there is never a problem too big or too small. I know that Jodie has also had an impact in my life as well as my brothers, she has helped us a lot just by talking to us about life.

Dana-marie, QLD